Stefan Frommelt Trio

Stefan Frommelt (pno)

Florian King (bs)

Marvin Studer (dr)


The Stefan Frommelt TRIO is on a quest for the inner beauty of all things odd, introducing us to a whole new world of sound and structure. The three composers and instrumentalists seek the uneven meter not for the mere challenge, but driven by the desire to unveil the beauty and natural regime of things uneven to the inclined listener’s ears and hearts . 

Life often bestows on us unexpected gifts. Seemingly inappropriate and unnerving experiences may seem shocking, upsetting and dismissive but life is that way sometimes. By accepting this, life enriches us and reveals its full beauty.

In our efforts to even the odd we will often fail until we can see and value the beauty in it. Our music is the expression of these attempts, to stay in the odd until it breaks free and floats and moves by itself, the breath and pulse of seasoned modern Jazz, european, lyric, sound.